Old Barn from a helicopter

Our son Tom took this whilst out with our neighbours. We didn’t know we were the shape of a cross…we love this picture

Old Barn from above

Old Barn from above

Our new family member

Our new boy

Here is our new boy Toby. He is 10 and was looking for a new home and so has landed here, at Old Barn Farm. Bless his heart, he has settled in so well and we feel as if we have always had him. His brothers Harry and Oscar love him too. He is a bit of a wanderer so you may see him trotting around, snuffling, but don’t worry, he won’t run away. He is just looking for something nice to roll in!

Spring 2015 has arrived

Another winter has passed and Old Barn is bursting with life. We have many new faces – Ken, Christine, Carly, Lexie and Jasper are all new tenants on the farm…that’s my Mum and Dad and their 3 dogs! So we are truly a family affair now. If Nic and I are not around, always feel free to ask them anything – or just to wave hello.

Old Barn Farm is blooming!

Old barn meadowAll round the farm we have beautiful sights. We have a wild flower meadow which was a bit of an experiment but has turned out to be spectacular.

Ralphy has planted our Dahlia bulbs (purchased from Gilberts Nursery) which have now flowered with glorious colours and, in years to come, will be a magnificent display we hope.